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Is Your Business Health & Safety Compliant?

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Why do I need a retained H&S Consultant?

Regulation 7 of the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations require employers to have access to competent advice. Oculus H&S can help your business by providing this advice and helping you to comply with your legal obligations.

Is your business Health & Safety compliant?

Do you understand the Health & Safety at Work etc Act 1974?

Or is Health & Safety another minefield to juggle while you’re trying to run a business?

Legislation and H&S compliance can be overwhelming and Health & Safety in the workplace should be paramount to any business. To be compliant, if your business has more than five employees, you are legally required in the UK to ensure you have in place:

A written Health and Safety policy

A risk assessment which details all the risk and concerns within the workplace

Written arrangements,

The management of H&S at work regulations 1999, require employers to appoint
one or more competent persons to assist and guide with compliance.

Our business is to ensure that you are compliant as an employer and you and your employees are protected in the workplace.

Our Services

Monthly Retained Services

Our H&S retained service provides SME’s with an outsourced H&S team.

Risk Assessments

Onsite attendance to carry out the risk assessments

Adhoc H&S Services

Pay by the Hour

Workstation Assessments

A detailed workstation assessment of the equipment and immediate working environment

We operate a HR consultancy business who are able to support with any employee situations that have escalated due to the behaviour of the employee. Oculus HR can be contacted on 07808928287


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Oculus H&S recently came to site to carry out workstation assessments, they were just what we required. All staff needed alterations to their workstation, so it was very helpful. The consultant was able to make quick fixes to support employees.

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