How to keep your employees safe in the workplace

It’s important that all businesses, regardless of their size, recognise the important of keeping their workforce safe and well.

And, of course, as we continue to adapt to the many challenges that come hand in hand with Covid-19, it’s important that your workforce feel safe at work.

So, how can you keep your employees safe at work?

Train employees well

Comprehensive training is crucial when it comes to identifying, managing and preventing workplace illness and injuries. It’s important that all employees have access to your health and safety policy and are trained to the highest standard in their job role.

Cleaning should always be a priority in the workplace. And it’s now more important than ever before that all working spaces are thoroughly cleaned in line with stringent industry standards. All employees should also be encouraged to hand sanitise as much as possible, and of course, wipe down surfaces frequently.

Make cleaning a top priority

Regular inspections should be carried out to ensure that high cleaning standards are being maintained and that all potential dangers and risks are dealt with appropriately.

Communicate with your workforce

The key to keeping your workforce safe is communication, ensuring that they are aware of your health and safety policies and fully understand how to do their jobs as safely as possible.

Posters, labels, and signs placed around the workplace are a great way to communicate important information quickly and effectively, whilst highlighting potential hazards. These have been proven to be effective reminders and warning signs in a variety of working environments.

A clean and tidy workplace

A messy, unorganised and cluttered space can not only have a huge impact on productivity but it can also result in unnecessary accidents too, including trips and falls. With this in mind, make a conscious effort to keep your workplace as clean and tidy as possible. That means ensuring that all boxes are stacked securely, cables and tangled cords are dealt with, and floors are free from potential hazards.

Make sure employees have the right tools

Whatever their role, employees should have the right tools to do their job safely. This is an area of your business that should never be overlooked. As well as ensuring your staff have the right equipment, it’s also important to make sure that their equipment is serviced, cleaned, and inspected on a regular basis.

Encourage regular breaks

By law, all employees are entitled to take regular breaks depending on the hours they are working. This is not only important for productivity, but it is also important for health and wellbeing purposes.

All staff should also be encouraged to take regular stretch breaks, especially if they’re working at a desk all day.

Implement safety protocols from the start

New members of staff should be made aware of your health and safety protocols from day one. This means they will understand how to work as safely as possible.

To find out more about keeping your employees safe in the workplace, or to discuss your health and safety needs, please get in touch!